Coming Up: Happy 8th Birthday, Off-Ramp - August 9, 2014

The best of 8 years of Off-Ramp, including "The Ashes of Oakridge," the giant scissors of LA County, Carey McWilliams, and riding a motorbike with Susan Carpenter!

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Fernando Guerra is fed up with low voter turnout and pushed a radical proposal to increase turnout: everybody who casts a ballot would be eligible to win a million dollars!

The pros and cons of a billion-dollar facelift for the LA River

We compare the new $1b plan to revamp the LA River with Washington DC's rehabilitation of the Anacostia River, now a popular watering hole on both sides of the aisle.
The Big Parade

Walkers rediscover Los Angeles on foot in The Big Parade

Last weekend, a group of Angelenos trekked 35 miles and climbed 100 stairways on a route from Grand Park to Griffith Observatory in an annual event called The Big Parade.

The rich history of Disney's Golden Books

"You can read it, you can throw it at your brother, you can build forts out of it, you can read it to your stuffed animals. It doesn't matter! They're not expensive, they're yours!" — Charles Solomon

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's WWE hopefuls battle monthly in Reseda

Off-Ramp contributor CJ Greenspon takes us to the minor leagues of pro wrestling, an event at an American Legion hall in Reseda put on every month by Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

Dylan Brody on a his literary manager who, apparently, can't read

My former literary manager told me he didn’t really like reading. There are reasons he’s no longer my literary manager.
Two new books — Lisa See's "China Dolls" and Arthur Dong's "Forbidden City" — explore the exciting world of San Francisco's Chinese-American club scene in the '30s and '40s.

Jelly Roll Morton, 'inventor' of jazz music, is buried in Los Angeles

Buried under an unassuming stone in Cavalry Cemetery are the bones of Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe, the self-proclaimed, and not entirely wrong, “originator of jazz.”
John Rabe talks with Bean, one of the last of the old school Hollywood raconteurs, about "Death of the Author," his father getting bitten during a panty raid, and being Calvin Coolidge's cousin.
John Rabe talks with LA Times columnist Chris Erskine about the rally planned Sunday, June 1, to urge the Dodgers and Time Warner Cable to solve the TV snafu.