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Jeffrey Kahane
Jeffrey Kahane, the music director of the LA Chamber Orchestra, has been giving us a classical ABC. This time, he plays some exceptions to a musical myth.

The Wedge: New doc chronicles the perfect point break

"The Wedge: Dynasty, Tragedy, Legacy" tells the story of one of Newport's founding families and the Depression-era tragedy that changed their lives and the California coastline.
Roy Orbison
Alex Orbison, son of the late pop icon Roy Orbison, on "Mystery Girl: Unraveled," a documentary that goes behind the scenes of the recording of Orbison's final album.
We take you to the unveiling of five "wearable tech" prototypes -- like a data vaporizer and high-tech fingernail appliques -- that could make Google Glass obsolete. Maybe.
THE FIFTH BEATLE Graphic Novel Trailer
"The Fifth Beatle" is a lush graphic novel about Brian Epstein, who discovered the Beatles in a Liverpool basement. We talked to the writer about what Epstein's story means to him.
Jeffrey Kahane
Jeffrey Kahane says it's okay to applaud between movements of classical pieces if you're moved to. Which makes him a heretic, a rebel. Actually, it makes him a conservative.
L.A. Arboretum, Site #22

Artist Fritz Haeg's 'Wildflowering LA' blooms across the city

Artist Fritz Haeg chose 50 people to plant wildflower gardens throughout L.A. County. He wants to remind people of California's lost wildflower legacy.

What was the SR-71 pilot thinking as he prepared to eject? Paperwork

"Every time I look at that ejection seat, I think about the time I had my hand on that handle, ready to bail out. I figured, I’m gonna be okay, but the paperwork is gonna be staggering."
Ben and Ellen Harper
Ben Harper, along with his mother Ellen, collaborated on "Childhood Home" — 10 original songs that pay homage to the Claremont music scene they grew up in.
May 6, 2013: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti clowns at Pacific Standard Time LA/LA event in downtown LA, at which the Getty Foundation announced $5m in PST LA/LA research grants.
The first Pacific Standard Time was reportedly worth $280 million to the local economy; Mayor Garcetti hopes PST LA/LA will bring in even more.