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Chaz Ebert, Jerry Brown, Michele Serros, and Pascale Tayou ... Off-Ramp for Jan. 10, 2015

RH Greene sits down with Chaz Ebert at the Palm Springs Film Festival; we remember poet Michele Serros; Patt Morrison looks back and forward at Jerry Brown; and Marc Haefele takes us to the Fowler museum for an exhibit that almost didn’t happen.

Henry Rollins

Ring in the New Year with Henry Rollins, Pepe Aguilar and more

As 2014 wraps up, Off-Ramp looks back at some of its best music coverage: all female tributes to Iron Maiden, Venice Beach's most beloved busker, Henry Rollins and more.

Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! And so on. Off-Ramp for Dec. 20, 2014

A surprising Hannukah TV special; a deeper look at "Batman Returns;" Angela Lansbury, Queen of all Medias - and Mediums; our All-Star Night Before Christmas

Don Bachardy's psychological portraits of Hollywood icons - Off-Ramp, Dec. 13, 2014

80-year old portrait artist Don Bachardy saw Angelina Jolie naked, Kevin Ferguson saw something disturbing in "Batman Returns," Jerry Siegel's daughter sees him in his Superman typewriter.

How a KPCC editor's cool mom helped integrate Peanuts - Off-Ramp, Dec 6, 2014

In 1968, KPCC editor Paul Glickman's mom wrote to Charles Schulz, asking him to integrate Peanuts. Franklin was born. Plus: a tribute to Chandler, Pierce College Farm Center, and the harpsichord.

Meet Jim Tully, a forgotten man - Off-Ramp for Nov. 22, 2014

Jim Tully, rescued from obscurity; Canadian v American Thanksgiving; Getty Research Institutes World War 1 exhibit; the big (art) heroes behind "Big Hero 6"