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O. J. Simpson talks to Trojan football players about desire, dedication and talent. Photo dated: September 16, 1987.

The only good news out of OJ's slow speed chase - Off-Ramp for June 14, 2014

The CBS and NBC pilots chasing OJ 20 years ago are transgender; someone is killing the peacocks of Rolling Hills Estates; crowning the savior of the Wigwam Motel on Route 66.

New NPR President Jarl Mohn, with KPCC's Stephanie O'Neill and John Rabe, and NPR's David Folkenflik.

A river runs through Off-Ramp for June 7, 2014

A billion-dollar facelift for the LA River, Clipper Darrell weighs in, LA's "Big Parade," and Llyn Foulkes stars in a new doc, celebrating Disney's Golden Books.

Forgotten history, from Jelly Roll Morton to China Dolls - Off-Ramp for May 31, 2014

Jelly Roll Morton is buried ... in East LA? ... Two new books explore the Chinese-American nightclub scene ... Where wannabe WWE pro-wrestlers go to get noticed ... Orson Bean and the woman who bit his father's knee

Changing themselves: Marc Maron and Zoey Tur - Off-Ramp for May 24, 2014

Zoey 101, Episode 3: We continue to track Bob Tur's transformation to Zoey Tur. Marc Maron, mayor of Highland Park.

You can never leave the Hotel California - Off-Ramp for May 17, 2014

RE this week's show: we reconsider the Eagles' inescapable "Hotel California," rediscover Channing Peake, revisit Jeffrey Kahane at the piano, and revere Roy Orbison.

Ben Harper's new album is his Mothers Day present - Off-Ramp for May 10, 2014

Ben and Ellen Harper's new album and the Claremont link, Pacific Standard Time focuses on Latinos, and Jeffrey Kahane is a classical music rebel