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We go inside the only musical instrument you can go inside - Off-Ramp Nov. 15, 2014

Let's all sing "Happy Birthday" to the Disney Organ, 10 years old; water witchery is debunked, but still popular; Merv Griffin interviews now memorialized on 12 DVDs.

What are you doing Veterans Day? - Off-Ramp for Nov. 8, 2014

A variety of vets weigh in on Veterans Day; Caitlin Doughty gives her cat The Meow a "good death;" DrinkLA saves you time, money, tastebuds; SCOTUS frees Sherlock Holmes

Hello, Kitty! Off-Ramp for November 1, 2014

Hello Kitty turns 40; Skirball exhibit celebrates the enemies of the Nazis who changed Hollywood; Patt Morrison tells us about the devastating drought of the 1800s.

Facing death with Caitlin Doughty - Off-Ramp for October 25, 2014

Remembering: Breakthrough TV with Norman Lear, Oscar de la Renta with a fashion design student, our loved ones with Caitlin Doughty and "the good death," James Brown and the TAMI concert

The new atheist 'church' - Off-Ramp for October 18, 2014

The Flesh Eaters reunite to tell the story of their album "A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die," Kevin Ferguson has lunch with Tommy Lasorda at his favorite restaurant, we meet the sole survivor of a disaster you probably haven't heard about.

Give til it (almost) hurts - Off-Ramp for October 11, 2014

Take a listen to some of these fine pieces that took you all over Southern California and then, please, help ensure the future of Off-Ramp with a contribution at Thanks!