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Taschen gallery

Taschen exhibit obsesses on old school fetish artists - Off-Ramp for April 4, 2015

Batters and Stanton, plain brown envelope artists; Abe Lincoln and California; Grandma Nazimova had a trunk, and inside ...; Bogart's son on Film Noir

'Survive Mola mola!' teaches ocean ecology. Off-Ramp for March 28, 2015

Kevin Ferguson talks about the hot new app game 'Survive Mola mola!' with Molly Peterson and Milton Love; John talks with Assemblyman Gatto about avoiding the horrors of probate.

Bakersfield Confidential: Off-Ramp for March 21, 2015

We go to Bakersfield to sample a few gems in a city with a bad rap; Jim Tully, "the most hated man in Hollywood;" Brains On and living with a volcano.

MoLAA "Play With Me" Exhibit

James Franco's filmmaking class ... makes films! Off-Ramp for March 14, 2015

James Franco's collaborative USC film class winds up with real movies ... a jazz pianist who uses sci-fi movies to inspire music about Mars ... Damian Kevitt runs the LA Marathon.

8th grader Destiny takes over Brains On!, JPL, and Off-Ramp for March 7, 2015

14yo Destiny Rodriguez co-hosts Brains On! Patt Morrison interviews Broadway icon Patricia Morison. We uncover the true facts behind the Rose Hills cemetery's neon sign.

Angelyne, Angelyne, the somewhat racy billboard queen. Off-Ramp for Feb. 28, 2015

Icons! John meets and rides through Hollywood with Angelyne, and Kevin interviews former Minuteman bassist Mike Watt, who'll be on the punk Mt Rushmore.