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Piper Laurie and Paul Newman's eyes - Off-Ramp for January 4, 2014

Piper Laurie on Paul Newman and Ronald Reagan; Pepe Aguilar's musical legacy; What is God?

Celebrate National Bilious Weekend - Off-Ramp for Dec. 28, 2013

Too much rich food and drink for the holidays? We help you recover with more work from outsider photog Vivian Maier, good news about Rubel Castle, and some Coals for your empty stocking.

Loving Feliciano, Hating Feliz Navidad - Off-Ramp for Dec. 21, 2013

We work out our Feliz Navidad earworm issues, hear an all-star cast read "Night Before Christmas," listen to the Hollywood Park bugler, and talk about kids who see numbers as colors.

50 Years since the dam collapse and the first woman marathoner - Off-Ramp for Dec. 14, 2013

Merry Lepper broke the rules and, in Culver City, became the first US woman to run a marathon. Shifting ground broke the Baldwin Hills dam; we talk with a woman who has never told her story before.

A Child's Christmas in Eastern Kentucky - Off-Ramp for December 7, 2013

David Dean Bottrell's Crafty Christmas, counting pools in LA, a man who hates Christmas songs, and Jonathan Gold on the impact of King Taco.


Be glad you're safe and dry! Shackleton and his men had it rough.

"Walking Out of History," John Rabe's documentary about Ernest Shackleton's remarkable Endurance expedition.