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Remembering JFK & "Calvin and Hobbes" - Off-Ramp for November 16, 2013

New documentary "Dear Mr. Watterson" ... Roz Wyman remembers plotting a JFK fundraiser that had Sinatra singing on the diving board ... Mark Twain is getting much better at writing his memoirs

Janis Joplin has a piece of OUR heart, and a star on the Walk of Fame - Off-Ramp for Nov 9, 2013

Kris Kristofferson sings at Janis Joplin's star ... Agnes Varda at her new LACMA show ... the Hammer tries to show the arts can bring back a neighborhood ...

Mark Twain, c 1871

75 saxophones later ... Off-Ramp for November 2, 2013

Rob Verdi's rare and unusual saxophones, LA's first film and John Ridley's latest, Tiberius - not so bad, and the lasting influence of The Twilight Zone TV series.

War of the Worlds

'War of the Welles,' the 'War of the Worlds' back story - Off-Ramp for October 26, 2013

R.H. Greene's new documentary, "War of the Welles," shows how Orson Welles got to "The War of the Worlds," and says it really did panic millions of listeners.

Meet 'La Voz,' Pepe Aguilar - Off-Ramp for October 19, 2013

Mexican-American superstar Pepe Aguilar's first public radio interview; Jefferson Starship's Craig Chaquico emits Beamz with a new instrument for the non-musical masses; facing death rationally; and gourmet ghosts.

Endeavour's Legacy - Off-Ramp for October 12, 2012

Celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Shuttle Endeavour's triumphal arrival at the California Science Center ... the Cyrus Cylinder comes to the Getty Villa ... the Mediterranean house gecko and you ...