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Labor Day BBQ grilling and relationship tips - Off-Ramp for August 30, 2014

Russ Parsons gives BBQ tips, we remember the car evangelist William Matalyan, Mattress Tracker update, goodbye Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide, fireworks how-to

Henry Rollins

Just play the hits, please. Off-Ramp's music special for August 23, 2014

Henry Rollins on Black Flag's early days, what makes Van Halen magic, and America's favorite all-female Iron Maiden tribute.

Fallout Shelter Valley

Duck, cover, and pray. Off-Ramp for August 16, 2014

How 1950s LA prepped for nuclear war; the Aqualillies are part of the synchronized swimming renaissance; Brains On and sound; LA's Wrigley Field.

Happy 8th Birthday, Off-Ramp - August 9, 2014

The best of 8 years of Off-Ramp, including "The Ashes of Oakridge," the giant scissors of LA County, Carey McWilliams, and riding a motorbike with Susan Carpenter!

1800s Angelenos much more water-conscious - Off-Ramp for August 2, 2014

LA City Archivist looks into our water history; A Martinez on the new Lakers season; Tim Robbins brings "Midsummer Night's Dream" back from China; the bizarre waving mannequins of North Hollywood.

Giant sea bass is "like a squashed Volkswagen" -- Off-Ramp for July 26, 2014

Giant sea bass census; the Great Drought and our water-dependent history; Marjorie Elizabeth Cameron Parsons Kimmel; No Mad Scientists in "I Origins"