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MOCA Philippe Vergne

Huell on Exhibit - Off-Ramp for April 5, 2014

Chapman University opens permanent Huell Howser exhibit; LA residents dealt with location shooting problems 100 years ago; Teaching adults to ride bikes.

John Hwang's photos are the opposite of Homeless Porn - Off-Ramp for Mar 29, 2014

Philippe Vergne and the MOCA challenge; John Hwang's loving portraits of his friends on Skid Row; a Modest Proposal to eliminate Scratchers litter; an actually new Frida Kahlo exhibit

Film and television star Kristen Bell, at KPCC's Mohn Broadcast Center on February 27, 2014. The movie version of "Veronica Mars" opens March 14.

A moving story, a bouncing baby, a happy ending. Off-Ramp for March 22, 2014

A Disney artist uses a mattress to save a falling baby. When will Spotify, Pandora, and the rest start profiting songwriters? Female impressionists!

When backyard incinerators were a thing. Off-Ramp for March 15, 2014

Unlikely mariachi Mateo Stoneman takes SxSW by storm in new documentary; city archives show fight against smog and backyard trash burning; hair Angels fight head lice.

From KISS arena football to Madam Satan ... it's Off-Ramp for Mar. 8, 2014

A KISS arena football team is coming to SoCal. What was Cecil B. DeMille thinking when he made "Madam Satan?" Kristen Bell on the Ira Glass/"Veronica Mars" cameo.

Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell orbits KPCC's Off-Ramp for March 1, 2013

Kristen Bell is smart, fun, and a KPCC member. She's the main event this week, talking "Veronica Mars," her campaign against the pederazzi, and The Oscars.