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Forgotten history, from Jelly Roll Morton to China Dolls - Off-Ramp for May 31, 2014

Jelly Roll Morton is buried ... in East LA? ... Two new books explore the Chinese-American nightclub scene ... Where wannabe WWE pro-wrestlers go to get noticed ... Orson Bean and the woman who bit his father's knee

Changing themselves: Marc Maron and Zoey Tur - Off-Ramp for May 24, 2014

Zoey 101, Episode 3: We continue to track Bob Tur's transformation to Zoey Tur. Marc Maron, mayor of Highland Park.

You can never leave the Hotel California - Off-Ramp for May 17, 2014

RE this week's show: we reconsider the Eagles' inescapable "Hotel California," rediscover Channing Peake, revisit Jeffrey Kahane at the piano, and revere Roy Orbison.

Ben Harper's new album is his Mothers Day present - Off-Ramp for May 10, 2014

Ben and Ellen Harper's new album and the Claremont link, Pacific Standard Time focuses on Latinos, and Jeffrey Kahane is a classical music rebel

Ruth Reichl's book; Jeffrey Kahane's Bach. Off-Ramp for May 3, 2014

The LA Chamber Orchestra's Jeffrey Kahane gives us a Bach master class; Ruth Reichl says she was scared to write her first novel; and hit-and-run victim Damian Kevitt finished his ride.

GBR: Spider-Man 2 At Madame Tussauds - Photocall

Black widow spiders flee the city! Off-Ramp for April 26, 2014

Our black widow spiders v. their brown widow spiders. Sex on the radio with Mimi Pond, author of Over Easy, graphic novel. An old friend shows another side of Ruben Salazar.