On The Media

On The Media, hosted by Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone, is America's only national radio program devoted to media criticism and analysis, lifting the veil on how the media works.

Recent Episodes

Who Bought the Las Vegas Review-Journal?

On December 10, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada’s largest daily paper, was purchased by an unidentified buyer for a $140 million - far more than it sold for less than a year earlier. The smart money was on Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate and Republican mega-donor, but not even the paper’s reporters could say who their new boss was. After a week filled with speculation - and a Republican debate hosted at his Las Vegas casino - Adelson confirmed the purchase. But that was just the beginning of an odd, ongoing saga at the paper. Erik Sass, a reporter at MediaPost, joins Bob to explain the drama

To Your Health!

A special hour on the dodgy world of health news, from scary studies and so-called “medical breakthroughs” to celebrity-endorsed miracle cures and people who fake illness online.

Politically Correct

What you hear about the Paris climate agreement depends on whom you ask. We sort through the competing messages about what was achieved. Plus, how to spot an accurate election poll as the primaries edge closer; and what the GOP presidential candidates' war on "political correctness" really means. 

Take Responsibility

Some of Donald Trump's opponents have labeled him a demagogue - but are they right? And, if so, what is there to be done? Plus: Bob reflects on the media feeding frenzy in the house of the San Bernardino shooters; and the life, and self-documented death, of New York Times reporter and AIDS victim Jeffrey Schmalz.

Plaintiff Shopping

We often hear that individuals who come to symbolize major Supreme Court decisions "took their case all the way to the Supreme Court." But sometimes, such plaintiffs are taken by hand. Bob explores how shopping for the perfect plaintiff to serve as the poster child for an issue is a strategy employed by public-interest law across the political spectrum, and dates back to 19th-century civil rights litigation.