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What It's Like to Follow Chris Christie for Five Years

American Governor: Chris Christie’s Bridge to Redemption was not the story that Matt Katz thought he was going to write when he accepted the biography book deal back in 2013. The New Jersey Governor had just won a landslide election in a blue state and seemed destined for a 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. Then, the notorious lane-closure scandal happened, and Matt became the first reporter to publicly confront the Governor on it. From that point on, Christie's path to the nomination became decidedly choppier, and his relationship with Matt quickly soured.

Matt Katz has covered Christie for the last five years, first for The Philadelphia Inquirer and now for WNYC, New Jersey Public Radio, and the weekly Christie Tracker Podcast from WNYC Studios. He sat down with Brooke to talk about his new book and what it's like to cover a master of media manipulation. Turns out, there’s much more, and less, to the guy last seen insult mongering from the stage of the GOP candidate debates.

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Terms of Engagement

A Mexican journalist reacts to Sean Penn's interview with the drug kingpin El Chapo; Bob offers his own thoughts, too. Plus: We check back in with the Pentagon on rules concerning journalists in wartime. And the history of copyright, from dictionary pioneer Noah Webster to digital crusader Aaron Swartz.

Brooke on the Longform Podcast

Max Linsky, co-host of the Longform Podcast, payed Brooke a visit this week. They discuss why she's a "tough" editor, how she resists boredom, and her unconventional introduction to journalism (a man, a bar, and missiles).

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Common Sense

President Obama began the year with a plea for "common sense" gun safety but admitted that it won't be easy. We examine the myths and messages that surround, and often obscure, the national conversation on gun safety. Plus, do most Americans really support reform? And, if so, does it matter?

Who Bought the Las Vegas Review-Journal?

On December 10, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada’s largest daily paper, was purchased by an unidentified buyer for a $140 million - far more than it sold for less than a year earlier. The smart money was on Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate and Republican mega-donor, but not even the paper’s reporters could say who their new boss was. After a week filled with speculation - and a Republican debate hosted at his Las Vegas casino - Adelson confirmed the purchase. But that was just the beginning of an odd, ongoing saga at the paper. Erik Sass, a reporter at MediaPost, joins Bob to explain the drama

To Your Health!

A special hour on the dodgy world of health news, from scary studies and so-called “medical breakthroughs” to celebrity-endorsed miracle cures and people who fake illness online.