Patt Morrison for September 7, 2012

Broadcasting live from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, we check up on how President Obama's speech checks out. And Hollywood's been at the DNC – actors Richard Schiff and Beau Bridges riff on that enduring connection. Also, Comedy Congress’ big wrapup in Charlotte – Diane Sawyer talks about her age and Mike Dukakis talks about what ifs.


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Patt Morrison for September 6, 2012

It’s old home day at the Democratic Convention... that is, if your home is California. The Golden State’s Attorney General Kamala Harris, southern California Congresswoman Judy Chu, and actor Richard Schiff, he is of "The West Wing" and a new political show called "Chasing the Hill." Plus, a post game analysis of former President Bill Clinton’s address to the Democratic troops.


Patt Morrison for September 5, 2012

We’ll hear the First Lady’s speech but what does her body language say? We’ll be reading it. And, what party muckety mucks are keeping away from President Obama and staying home from the Democrats’ big dance? We’ll do the Charlotte two step.

Patt Morrison at the Time Warner Cable Arena for the DNC

Patt Morrison for September 4, 2012

How do the conventions look to the rest of the world? And how well do foreigners understand the electoral college? We’re polyglot with the foreign press in Charlotte. And, what did Nancy Pelosi tell Comedy Congress about Clint Eastwood and his chair?

Charlotte Prepares For Democratic National Convention

Patt Morrison for September 3, 2012

Tampa was then, Charlotte is now. The Democrats have their turn in the Tarheel state, with Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa presiding over the convention and you’ll hear us from there! In recognition of Labor Day, the one hundred greatest Americans in the social justice hall of fame – including Dr. Seuss. No joke about the Cat in the Hat?


Patt Morrison for August 31, 2012

Paramount Studios is 100 years old. Jason Alexander isn’t, but the stage and television star is our tour guide on a century of Hollywood history. And homemade? Whose home? Maybe yours – selling homemade goodies could be legal now. That’s next time at one o'clock.

2012 Republican National Convention: Day 2

Patt Morrison for August 30, 2012

Is fat the new homophobia? Fat humor seems to be a PC free zone, but are the jokes different when the fat person isn’t poor and a minority and is the white governor of New Jersey? And, California’s busting medical pot stores left and right, and the question some cities are asking is, will an economic bust follow?