Patt Morrison for April 18, 2006

The earthquake of 1906 devastated San Francisco. Since then we have learned many lessons in how to best protect ourselves in the face of these disasters. After each big quake, building standards toughen and legislation is enacted, but are we really prepared for the next big shaker? Joining Patt Morrison in the discussion about the current state of our infrastructure in Southern California are Doug Given, USGS Geo Physicist Project Chief for Earthquake Monitoring and professor of Geology at Pasadena City College, Bob Steinback, Assistant Chief of Inspection Bureau, Department of Building and Safety Los Angeles City, John Morris, President-Elect Los Angeles Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Jan Emerson, Vice President of external affairs, California Hospital Association, and Cliff Roblee, Executive Director of NEES Consortium Inc. (Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation). To find the latest quake information visit USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

Public Hearing on Dog Ordinance

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors is expected to vote today on a proposal that would require most dogs in un-incorporated parts of Los Angeles County to be spayed or neutered. To discuss this issue Patt Morrison is joined by Tony Bell, spokesman for LA County Superintendent Mike Antonovich, and Susan Sholar, president of California Federation of Dog Clubs.

LA Zoo Elephants

Animal rights activists are up in arms about a proposed elephant exhibit expansion project at the Los Angeles Zoo. The plan, which will face a city council vote this Wednesday, would increase the half-acre elephant pen to 3 1/2 acres, and would cost approximately $40 million, but critics say it's still not enough space for the three elephants housed there. Patt Morrison explores both sides of the debate in conversation with John Lewis, Director of the LA Zoo, who favors the plan; and Les Schobert, former general curator of the LA Zoo, who opposes it.
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