Patt Morrison for April 19, 2006

Immigration Movement

Following ongoing pro-immigrant rallies, including the Grand March last month that drew at least half a million demonstrators to Los Angeles, immigrant rights advocates today are organizing a National Day of Action. The "We Are America" coalition held a press conference today detailing their plans for the May 1 "Workers Day." Host Patt Morrison talks with KPCC reporter John Rabe who attended today's conference; then expands the conversation with Flavia Jimenez, Immigration Policy Analyst, National Council of La Raza; and Angela Sanbrano, Executive Director, Central American Resource Center.

State of the City

Patt opens the phones to hear from listeners on the mayor's state of the city address and his vision for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Experienced speechwriter Andrei Cherny looks at how Mayor Villaraigosa delivered his first major speech, while background is given by KPCC reporters Adolfo Guzman Lopez and Frank Stoltze. Scott Folsom also joins Patt with commentary from LA's 10th District Parent Teacher Student Association.

Dare to be original!

"By the power invested in me as the owner of a web site, I hereby proclaim April 19, 2006, as National Originality Day." Bob Baker, freelance writer, editor, writing coach, and newspaperman has decreed that two words have been excessively over-used and should be boycotted for one day. What words would you ban? Baker joins Patt in studio with his choices ideas for a day without the obvious.
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