Patt Morrison for April 20, 2006

Sacramento Update

The June Primary is heating up, with candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and other statewide elective offices all vying for a place in the sun. Also, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's plan to take over the troubled LAUSD hits the capitol. And President Bush visits California. Host Patt Morrison gets the latest from Sacramento in conversation with Dan Walters.

Insatiable with Gael Greene

In her new book Insatiable, which gives accounts of saucy and erotic adventures from Manhattan's snootiest restaurants to the gourmand shrines of France and Italy, Gael Greene details her life of privilege and prestige over the course of her career as restaurant critic for New York magazine. She joins Patt to discuss her rise to success and all the delicious details in between.

Apocalyptic Beat, Music That Made Us Think

This is history as it should be, with a dose of laughter and a dance step or two to keep the paranoia of the Cold War at bay. Co-producer Bill Geerhart has compiled more than 100 songs, public service announcements, and short films from 1945 through 1969, showing a society constantly reminded of the possibility of annihilation. He joins Patt in studio with his favorites.

The Loh Life, Jury Duty Part 4.

On the Loh Life, commentator Sandra Tsing Loh actually likes being on jury duty... while it lasts.
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