Patt Morrison for April 25, 2006

Lodi Mistrial

A mistrial was declared today in the federal terrorism trial of a Lodi man charged with lying to protect his son, who authorities say attended an al-Qaida training camp in Pakistan. KPCC reporter Tamara Keith joins Patt with the latest from the courthouse and Brian Jenkins, of the Rand Corporation, gives analysis.

Hidden Costs of Retiring

Saving for retirement never seemed like an easy feat, and now it seems to even more difficult. As a recent LA Times series highlights, seniors have to be increasingly alert for unscrupulous insurance agents, and employees have to watch for added costs hiding within their 401k accounts. Times staff writers Josh Friedman and John Corrigan discuss with Patt some of the unfortunate trends in saving for retirement. Elisse Walter, of NASD (formerly National Association of Security Dealers) talks about industry regulations that are currently in place and certified financial planner Jack Stemper joins the conversation to answer listener concerns about their savings plans. There is legislation in the works, authored by state senator Jack Scott, who joins with his ideas for reform.
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