Patt Morrison for April 26, 2006

The NFL is Coming, But Where?

Next week city officials from Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Pasadena will travel to the NFL owners meeting in Dallas to make their pitch to be the home of the NFL's next team in the Los Angeles area. Councilman Bernard Parks talks with Patt about plans to house a new team at a renovated Coliseum, John Nicoletti adds the city of Anaheim's proposal, and Councilman Chris Holden talks about what Pasadena is offering.

Reporting During Katrina

Times-Picayune senior editor James O'Byrne was among those at the epicenter of the newspaper's coverage of Hurricane Katrina, evacuating the newsroom on one of the last trucks out, then overseeing the construction of a satellite newsroom, copy desk, and photo desk in Baton Rouge. He is also among the scores of employees at the paper whose house and belongings were destroyed by the storm. Recently, the paper was awarded Pulitzer prizes for public service and breaking news for its coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans. O'Byrne joins Patt for a look back at Katrina and a look forward to the future of New Orleans. Make a donation to the families of the Times-Picayune.

Absolute Convictions

America's violent struggle over abortion is captured in the new book Absolute Convictions (Henry Holt and Company), which gives a first hand account of a family and a city on the front lines of the debate. Author Eyal Press joins Patt Morrison to discuss his account of his father's experience as an obstetrician in the blue-collar city of Buffalo, New York, and being caught in the crossfire between moral fervor and individual rights.
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