Patt Morrison for May 8, 2006

More Time for More Crimes?

Based on research showing that 10% of criminals commit up to half of all crime, LAPD officials and prosecutors have agreed on a new program aimed at combating this phenomenon. Lt. Paul Vernon fills Patt in with the so called 10 percenter program, which seeks to reduce crime by keeping the most frequent repeat offenders behind bars as long as possible. Catherine Lhamon, Racial Justice Director and Attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, discusses how the program could be abused and lead to illegal profiling of suspects.


The Electronic Entertainment Expo, known to gaming enthusiasts simply as E3, begins this Wednesday at the Convention Center. The expo features the latest and greatest in the world of gaming - trailers of new games, lectures by gaming gods, as well as previews of the latest consoles. Big talk at the expo will be on the latest Sony console, the Play Station 3. Even though the device will not hit stores until this fall, the PS3 is an example of how the gaming industry's reach is far, as the PS3 might have within in the next format for high definition viewing of DVD's. Patt checks in with Geoff Keighly, Editor-in-Chief at, an on-line site devoted to gaming and with Tracy Fullerton a professor in the Interactive Media Division of the USC School of Cinema-Television for the latest in gaming and beyond.

Summer Blitz

Just ahead of this weekend's release of Mission Impossible: III, marking the start of the summer blockbuster season, a raid by authorities confiscated an estimated $1.2 million in movie piracy equipment. This raid follows on the tails of a study released by the Motion Picture Association of America estimating that studios lost $6.1 billion in piracy. Kori Bernards from the MPAA joins Patt.

Movie Money with Steven D. Sills

Is it possible for Hollywood talent to get a fair share within the motion picture industry's notorious profit-participation system? Can anyone make sense of Hollywood's "creative" accounting practices? Movie Money (Silman-James) helps unravel the complex system known as profit-participation, in attempts to make it accessible and understandable for entertainment professionals and those preparing to enter the show-business world. Steven D. Sills, Co-author, CPA, and attorney, joins Patt Morrison to explain what really goes on behind the scenes.
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