Patt Morrison for May 12, 2006

Governor's May Revise

With a surprise surplus of at least $5 billion, Governor Schwarzenegger will introduce a revised spending plan today that is likely to please both Democrats and Republicans. He will propose pumping billions more into public education ($2.8 billion immediately, and another $2.9 billion over seven years) and setting the rest aside to pay down debt and build up reserves. Patt Morrison gets the latest from KPCC's Sacramento Reporter, Tamara Keith, who attended the press conference, then she is joined by Assemblyman John Laird; Sacramento Bee Columnist Dan Weintraub; Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky; and H.D. Palmer, Deputy Director for External Affairs at the California Department of Finance, for political analysis and number crunching.

High School Exit Exam Ruling

At 2 p.m. today, Alameda County Superior Judge Robert B. Freedman is expected to rule on whether to suspend the high school exit exam, a decision that could affect 47,000 seniors, about 11 percent of the class of 2006, who have yet to pass both the English and math sections of the exam. Patt Morrison is joined by Arturo Gonzalez, Partner, Morrison and Foerster Law Firm in San Franciso.
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