Patt Morrison for May 15, 2006

Consequences of Releasing Inmates Early

Since 2002, when Sheriff Lee Baca began his early-release program, approximately 150,000 LA County inmates have been released from jail after serving only a fraction of their sentences. Of the total, about 10 percent were re-arrested for new crimes, which occurred while they should have been locked up. Critics say the sheriff's policy undercuts the cops and courts, since jailers, not judges, determine who stays locked up. Sheriff Baca defends the practice as a "last resort," saying he has little choice when he had to cut millions of dollars from his operating budget. Host Patt Morrison talks with Sheriff Lee Baca; Natasha Broome; LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky; LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and Jody Kent about the consequences of releasing inmates early.

Consent Decree Extended for Three Years

A judge today extended for three years the decree under which the federal government monitors the Los Angeles Police Department. The judge extended all provisions of the decree, rejecting a request by the city to have the decree only partially extended. Patt Morrison talks to KPCC reporter Frank Stoltze and LAPD spokesman Lt. Paul Vernon about the issue.
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