Patt Morrison for May 16, 2006

School Districts May Bolt

Facing a potential take-over of the LA Unified School District by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, mayors of seven cities the LAUSD serves are forming a public agency. Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, KPCC's reporter who broke the story, infomrs Patt about the details. Marlene Canter, president of LAUSD Board of Education joins this discussion.

AG's Race - Candidate Rocky Delgadillo

As head of the Department of Justice, the Attorney General is the state's top law enforcement official and lawyer for the government. The agency represents the state in civil and criminal matters and is the lead prosecutor on all appeals of death penalty sentences in California. Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo is one of two candidates running for the Democratic nomination in the June primaries. He faces Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown. Delgadillo joins Patt Morrison in studio to discuss his bid to become the next Attorney General.


Wah Wah is a film that captures both a boy and a country coming of age in a time of upheaval. In the 1960's, Swaziland is on the verge of gaining independence from England, and a boy, Richard Grant, is experiencing the trauma of his own parents' separation. Writer director Richard Grant talks with Patt about transforming his own story into this semi-autobiographical film.
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