Patt Morrison for May 17, 2006

Dems React to President's Plan

Senate Majority Leader Don Perata voiced his opposition to Bush's plan for deploying members of the California National Guard to the border at a news conference today in Sacramento. His response is to hold the budget purse strings until a special committee can review the impact on state resources. KPCC's Tamara Keith gives the details.

Beyond Chinatown

The story of water IS the story of Southern California - it's changed our politics, our culture and our landscape. Author Steven Erie has studied the water wars of Southern California and joins Patt to talk about his book, Beyond Chinatown: The Metropolitan Water District, Growth, and the Environment in Southern California (Stanford).

Da Vinci Code Opens

The year's most anticipated movie, The Da Vinci Code, premiers today (Wednesday) at the Cannes Film Festival. Religious fervor over the film has escalated in recent days with Christian groups from South Korea, Thailand, Greece and India planning boycotts, a hunger strike and attempts to block or shorten screenings. The film opens worldwide over the next two days, including the United States on Friday. Patt Morrison speaks with Jonathan Kirsch, author of numerous books on religious topics, about The Da Vinci Code phenomenon.
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