Patt Morrison for May 19, 2006

The Other Mayors

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's bid to take control of the Los Angeles Unified School District has gained the backing of some heavy hitters including that of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. But many elected officials in cities served by LA Unified don't like Villaraigosa's takeover plan. South Gate, Bell, Huntington Park, Cudahy, Maywood and Vernon want to form a joint-powers authority to select their own superintendent, gain more control over funding and have a greater say over the curriculum. And officials in Lomita and West Hollywood are hoping to become part of higher-performing districts nearby. Host Patt Morrison talks with "The Other Mayors," to hear their thoughts and plans for fixing the ailing LAUSD. Patt's guests include: Thomas Martin, Mayor of Maywood; George Cole, City Councilman for the City of Bell; Jim Dear, Mayor of Carson; Nury Martinez, Mayor of San Fernando; and Steve Wolowicz, Mayor of Rancho Palos Verdes.
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