Patt Morrison for May 25, 2006

Promising microstamping technology for marking bullets as they are fired has been tested successfully in California, and a bill requiring gun manufacturers to include a microstamp on every newly designed and manufactured handgun is ready to go to the Senate for consideration. Sponsored by Assemblyman Paul Koretz, AB 352 passed the Assembly in 2005, but was put on hold until the technology could be proven to work. Assemblyman Koretz and Larry Keane, Executive Vice President of the Sporting Arms & Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) - an organization opposing the bill - discuss the pros and cons of the technology. Also joining the discussion is Dr. Donald Sebastian, senior vice president of the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

LACMA's New Director

Earlier this spring the Los Angeles County Museum of Art board named Michael Govan its new director and CEO. His tenure was off to a good start when in April five Gustav Klimt paintings practically fell into his lap. Govan comes to Los Angeles via the Dia Art Foundation in New York. At Dia he nearly doubled the size of the collection, but what are his plans for LACMA? Govan joins Patt in studio to share his thoughts on art and the city of Los Angeles.

The Loh Life

Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh thinks her husband can use a partner to join him in his daily shouting at Republicans who cross the TV screen, and she's found the perfect solution - a second wife for Mike.
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