Patt Morrison for May 26, 2006

FCC Investigates Video News Releases

A report by the Center for Media and Democracy has spurred the FCC to investigate so called video news releases, packaged news pieces produced by a third party that look like objective news stories. The report found that over 70 television station nationwide had used the video news releases, including three stations in Southern California. Patt talks with Daniel Price, co-author of the report, "Fake TV news: widespread and undisclosed," about the practice and about the FCC investigation.

Mayor Villaraigosa Meets with President Fox

When they meet this evening, LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Mexican President Vicente Fox are expected to discuss tourism and trade - but not immigration. Villaraigosa says he won't bring up the hot-button topic because it's outside his control. Patt speaks with the mayor about tonight's meeting.

Captured! Inside the World of Celebrity Trials

If eyes are the windows to the soul, what would an artist learn in the process of drawing them? As a courtroom artist for the past 25 years, Mona Shafer Edwards has witnessed thousands of high-profile trials, from Heidi Fleiss and Courtney Love, to O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson. With her markers, pens and pads of paper in hand, she has been well poised to see things others may not have noticed, a knitted brow, a defiant stare, tears being shed. Edwards joins host Patt Morrison to talk about her insights and illustrations, which have been collected in the new book: Captured! Inside the World of Celebrity Trials (Santa Monica Press).

Geminis vs. Virgos Behind the Wheel

If you believe them, astrological signs govern personality, temperament driving skills? Two insurance companies have assembled birthdate databases to see who the stars say are the worse drivers: Geminis or Virgos. Tip for the holiday - before you jump in the car this Memorial Day weekend, be sure to check the astrological sign of the driver. Patt's guest is Gahl Sasson, astrology and kabala expert.

New Caltech President

Jean-Lou Chameau has been named the new president of the California Institute of Technology. Formerly the provost and vice president for academic affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he will take office on or before September 1. Chameau succeeds David Baltimore, who is stepping down from the presidency after nearly nine years in the post.
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