Patt Morrison for May 31, 2006

Counterterror Grant Money - San Diego Loses Out

San Diego is getting just half as much counterterror grant money this year as last, and Orange County and the San Francisco Bay area also are losing out under Homeland Security Department urban-area grants announced Wednesday. The Los Angeles-Long Beach area will gain - going from $73 million last year to $80.6 million this year. Patt Morrison discusses this issue with Chris Bertelli, Deputy Director at the California office of Homeland Security.

Unplugging Standby Power

Some microwaves can use more power just keeping their clock display lit than heating food. The power that these devices use while in an idle mode is known as standby power. This unused power adds up to real money in electricity costs. A bill that just passed the California Assembly is attempting to cut these costs by requiring manufacturers to label electronic devices so consumers know how much energy is used when the device is in standby mode. J.P Ross, author of a study on standby power, Rob Schlichting, spokesperson for the California Energy Comission, and Douglas Johnson with the Technology Policy for Consumer Electronics join Patt to weigh in on standby power.

Immigration Posturing

How is immigration affecting political races around California? Pilar Marrero political editor at La Opinión and Louis DeSipio, Professor of Political Science and Latino Studies at UC Irvine join Patt to discuss how some politicians are using this heated issue to their advantage and why others barely even mention it.

Death is his Beat

Leading readers beyond the yellow tape, Michael Connelly's latest book chronicles a decade of covering crime in Florida and in Los Angeles. Crime Beat: A Decade of Covering Cops & Killers (Little, Brown) is a collection of Connelly's printed work as a reporter, with stories of serial killers, burglars, and double lives. Connelly talks with Patt about the cases and journalistic experience which inspired him to author 15 crime novels. His next novel in the popular series about LAPD Lieutenant Bosch comes out in October.
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