Patt Morrison for June 1, 2006

Assembly in Action as Deadline Nears

In an effort to pass over 200 bills before the Friday deadline and return to their districts, where some members are campaigning for the primary election next week, California Assembly members passed several measures of note last night. KPCC's Sacramento reporter, Tamara Keith, gives an update on the action. Dan Walters discusses the political implications of the minimum wage bill, and Ron Grover, Los Angeles Bureau Chief at Business Week will talk about legislation allowing telephone companies to compete in the cable business.

Congressional Races

Primary races may not carry as much weight as those in the general election but they expose the fights, disagreements, and drama that will determine the direction the parties will take come November. To give us a picture of what is going on in California and around the country Patt speaks with Allan Hoffenblum, GOP consultant, Darry Sragow, Democratic strategist, and Ken Rudin, NPR political editor.

The Loh Life

Sandra has found a way to support overwhelmed teachers in the public education system - she swipes her VISA for needed classroom projects and supplies at
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