Patt Morrison for June 2, 2006

Steve Westly for Governor

Heading into the final weekend of campaigning for their party's nomination, State Controller Steve Westly and State Treasurer Phil Angelides are in a statistical tie for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. The two have had a difficult time distinguishing themselves from one another aside from the others accusations of corruption that are delivered in the form of 30-second commercial spots. State Controller Steve Westly joins Patt to discuss his plans for the final few days and why he should be California's next governor.

Lt. Governor Race: Running to be No. 2

Three established Democrats are vying for their party's nomination for the office of lieutenant governor. While most Californians don't even know what a Lt. Governor does, the office can be a powerful stepping stone - three lieutenant governors have gone on to be elected California governor, seven others became California's top executive when the governor took another position or died. Two state senators, Jackie Speier of Hillsborough and Liz Figueroa of Fremont, are competing with Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi for the state's No 2 position. They join Patt for a debate.

Ghouls Descend on LA

The Fangoria Weekend of Horrors brings famous frightening faces to the Los Angeles area with a terrifying line-up of talent from both film and television. Behind the Mask director Scott Glosserman and veteran horror actor Nathan Baesel give Patt the shivers in studio. This fright-filled three-day event takes place from Friday June 2 through Sunday June 4 at the Burbank Airport Hilton, 2500 Hollywood Way. For more information visit and
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