Patt Morrison for June 6, 2006

What's Happening at the Polls?

Patt gets the latest from polling sites around Southern California. She hears how voting is going from registrar-recorders Connie McCormack, Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters; Neal Kelly, Orange County Registrar of Voters; Barbara Dunmore, Registrar-Recorder for Riverside County; and Phil Schmidt, Registrar-Recorder for Ventura County. She also gets the latest from KPCC reporters in the field, Adolfo Guzman-Lopez and Jordan Davis.

Remembering Billy Preston

Billy Preston, the exuberant keyboardist who landed dream gigs with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and enjoyed his own series of hit singles including "Outta Space" and "Nothing From Nothing," died today at 59.

In Her Place - Status of Women Then and Now

Although both men and women will be at the polls today, it wasn't so long ago that women were denied the right to vote. Few modern day women would tolerate being referred to as "the frailer sex," "intellectually inferior to men," or even "hysterical" - terms widely accepted by men and women alike in the 19th century. Author S.T. Joshi looks back at two centuries of contempt for women's physical, intellectual, and psychological capacities, and asks why prejudice against women was so rampant. Susan Estrich, professor of law at USC, discusses what has - and has not - changed since then.
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