Patt Morrison for June 7, 2006

The Day After

After a divisive battle for the gubernatorial Democratic nomination, Steve Westly and Phil Angelides are trying to mend any schisms within the party to support Angelides' bid for governor at a unity conference. KPCC reporter John Rabe was there with the latest. Meanwhile Arnold Schwarzenegger is already kicking off his campaign for reelection, KPCC reporter Tamara Keith was with him on his bus and has details. Patt also gets results and reaction to the election results from up north with Carla Marinucci, political reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Supreme Court Cases to Come

So far it has been a smooth session for the Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Roberts has had the pleasure of authoring more than a few unanimous decisions, and the balance of the court with Justice Samuel Alito has yet to be tested. However, this may soon change. With the end of the session near, the Court will begin to render what promises to be their most controversial and divided verdicts. David Savage, staff writer at the Los Angeles Times; Douglas Kmeic, professor of constitutional law at Pepperdine University School of Law; and Erwin Chemerinsky, professor of constitutional law at Duke University School of Law, join Patt with a preview of important cases.
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