Patt Morrison for June 8, 2006

California National Guard in Disarray?

A state audit released Tuesday states that the California National Guard misused federally funded troops and anti-drug money to create unauthorized programs, and failed to get state approval for an intelligence unit that monitored a Mother's Day peace rally last year. The audit fed criticism from state lawmakers, including Joe Dunn, who are advancing bills to create an inspector general over the California National Guard and to bar the Guard from domestic spying. National Guard Adjunct General Wade II defends the practices of the guard. He joins Patt along with Senator Dunn and California deputy auditor Doug Cordiner. As the Governor prepares to send California guard troops to the Mexican border, what exactly is the state of our National Guard?

Who Needs Sleep?

Think working in Hollywood is glamorous? Think again. While it's true that the wages are often extremely high and the perks plentiful, the flip-side are very, very long workdays. Grueling 18 hour workdays are common, occasionally with tragic results. When assistant cameraman Brent Hershman died after falling asleep at the wheel on his way home from a shoot in 1997, Oscar-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler decided to explore the corporate motives behind the exhausting work grind. Wexler joins host Patt Morrison to talk about the resulting documentary, which is a must-see for people already working within the industry, and anyone hoping to break in. For more information

The Loh Life

Sandra stands back and watches the ALPHA mom in action as BETA mom provides support and ZETA mom avoids it all by writing a check.
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