Patt Morrison for June 9, 2006

Gang Injunctions - Are they Effective?

Earlier this week, City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo announced Los Angeles' 27th injunction against a street gang. Injunctions target gangs by severely restricting their member's activities, including associating in public. Critics contend that injunctions do harm as well as good - no one has successfully been removed from an injunction list and the criteria for getting added to an injunction is so broad that people with no real connection to gangs can wind up on a list. The city attorney's office touts gang injunctions as a critical crime fighting tool, but just how effective are they? Patt's guests include: Marty Vranicar, Assistant City Attorney and Supervisor of the Gang Unit; Gary Brennan,Deputy Chief Officer at the LAPD Detective Bureau; Connie Rice, Civil Rights Attorney; Ricky Thenarse; Janice Hahn, Los Angeles Councilwoman; and Richard Gallegos, Former President of Pacoima Neighborhood Council.

Paula Poundstone at the Mic

Appearing on stage with a stool, a microphone, and a can of Diet Pepsi, Paula Poundstone's ability to create humor on the spot is legendary. Whether she's talking about politics or being a single working Mom with three kids, her quirky observations and spot-on timing have earned her the reputation for being one of the best comics working today. Patt and Paula mix it up in studio.
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