Patt Morrison for June 12, 2006

Trouble at the Gringo Gazette

Thinking about investing in real estate south of the border? Be sure to read the Gringo Gazette first. Nancy Conroy, USC graduate and publisher of the twice-monthly newspaper, has been writing a series of investigative articles detailing the shady business practices of developers in Mexico - flimsy contracts, stolen deposits and other hazards that have endangered Americans racing to grab a piece of heaven. Developers are fighting back. Condon faces up to 2 years in prison and civil damages of as much as $20 million. She calls their actions a move to silence the press. Patt takes a look at the two issues this case brings up - just how safe is it for Americans to buy property in Mexico and what is the state of press freedom in that country? Also joining the conversation is Patrick Osio, Jr., columnist for the San Diego Metropolitan Magazine and Luis Botello, Director of the Latin America Programs for the International Center for Journalists.

Upcoming Mexican Elections

Early next month Mexicans will head the polls to choose a new president. This will be the first election since Vicente Fox's historic victory six years ago symbolizing a turning point in Mexican politics and an end to one party rule. Chris Hawley, Mexico City Correspondent for Arizona Republic, joins Patt with the latest from the capitol along with Adrian Maldonado, Founder and Treasurer, Federacion Nacional e Internacional de Nayaritas en USA , and Carol Wise, Professor of International Relations at University of Southern California.
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