Patt Morrison for June 15, 2006

The Mayor Gets a Call

Mayor Villaraigosa's ambitious plan to take control of the Los Angeles Unified School District is in danger of collapsing in the Legislature, warned Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez in a phone call to him today. The proposed takeover's future is so shaky that the plan will fall apart unless the mayor makes a lobbying trip to Sacramento next week to personally pressure legislators and interest groups. Steve Maviglio, deputy chief of staff for Speaker Nunez, joins us from Sacramento.

Delgadillo Files Suit Against Property Owners

The LA City Attorney has accused landlords of pushing out rent-control tenants so that their units could be upgraded and rented at much higher rates. The suit comes as city officials are dealing with fallout from gentrification that is spreading through neighborhoods across the city. Patt is joined in discussion of the issues by Rocky Delgadillo, City Attorney; Harold Greenberg, attorney and past president of the Apartment Association of Greater LA; and Raphael Bostic, professor at the USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development.

The Disposable American

As thousands of jobs are lured off American shores to countries with more attractive labor costs, corporate America is becoming increasingly accustomed to large scale layoffs. Economics reporter for The New York Times, Louis Uchitelle joins Patt to talk about the reality of these bottom line decisions. In his new book, The Disposable American (Knopf), Uchitelle uses examples such as the Connecticut-based tool company Stanley Works to discuss the effects on American companies and workforce from drastic cost-cutting, and wonders if we aren't all becoming indifferent to this trend.

The Loh Life

Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh chats about the ALPHA, BETA, and ZETA moms who anchor her theory of human organizations and how they tick.
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