Patt Morrison for June 16, 2006

Spotlight on Representative Jerry Lewis

A federal grand jury investigation into a Washington lobbying firm is extending beyond the beltway and into municipalities in the Inland Empire. The investigation focuses on the cozy relationship between the lobbying firm Copeland, Lowery, Jacquez, Denton & White; Rep. Jerry Lewis, Chair of the House Appropriations Committee; and many cities throughout San Bernardino and Riverside Counties who contract with the high-powered lobbying firm. The investigation gets at the heart of the debate over earmarks in Congress. Duane Gang, who has been covering the story for the Press Enterprise, and Tom Hamburger, at the Los Angeles Times Washington D.C. Bureau join Patt.
Before leaving California to become editor of The Nation from 1952-1975, Carey McWilliams' writings and editorials in various publications touched upon many of the state's most provocative issues such as race/ethnic relations, labor exploitation, environmental degradation, housing shortages, anti-communist purges, and immigration policy. During his editorship at The Nation, the periodical published memorable exposes on the FBI and the CIA. Peter Richardson, author of the biography American Prophet, joins Patt to discuss McWilliams' legacy and impact on journalism in California and the rest of the country.

Rooting for the Underdog

We're a nation that loves winners but we have a soft spot for the underdog, evidence the cheering for the Jamaica's Olympic bobsled team and Trinidad and Tobago's World Cup soccer team. We bring you the Irrelevant awards, where no one is a loser. Melanie Fitch, "CEO" of Irrelevant Week, and Frank DeFord, sports commentator for NPR, join Patt.
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