Patt Morrison for June 19, 2006

Return of Hemp Farming?

A bill legalizing hemp farming for industrial purposes is working its way through the California Senate this week, having passed the Assembly in January. AB 1147 joint-author Mark Leno, assemblyman from the 13th district, and John Lovell, legislative analyst for the California Narcotic Officers' Association, join Patt to discuss the pros and cons of the bill.

Innocent Prank or Dangerous Threat?

Kids will be kids - they tell jokes, pull pranks and push boundaries. But how do you know when a kid is crossing the line and potentially dangerous? And what exactly is the line? Two Quartz Hill high school students planned a Columbine-like attack at their school this past Valentines Day (the attack unraveled and the two were arrested). In Orange County, two 10th-grade Brea Olinda High School students drew a depiction of their teachers next to the words "Shoot her in the face." In this post 9-11 and post-Columbine world, how do authorities know when to take a threat seriously and when to chalk it up to kids being kids? Patt takes a look at the zero-tolerance policy in place at most schools today with the following guests: Dan Isaacs, Chief Operating Officer at LAUSD; Jeff Foster, Deputy Superintendent of Antelope Valley Union School District; Ron Wenkart, General Council of Orange County Department of Education; David Greene, Executive Director of the First Amendment Project; and James Stevens, Attorney for one of the Quartz Hill students.
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