Patt Morrison for June 21, 2006

Politics, Power - and Now Partnership?

A compromise agreement on comprehensive reform for LAUSD was announced today in Sacramento. Mayor Villaraigosa, legislators, United Teacher of Los Angeles, and the California Teachers Association worked out a legislative package that will be introduced in the state senate by the end of this week. Patt talks with the major players in the deal. Guests include: Assembly Majority leader Dario Frommer and Senate Majority leader Gloria Romero(they are co-authors of the legislation); Marlene Canter, president of the LAUSD Board of Education; Jackie Goldberg, Assemblywoman in the 45th District and Chair of the California State Assembly Committee on Education; A.J. Duffy, President of the United Teachers of Los Angeles; Bill Ring, Chairman of the Parent Collaborative and Chairman of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Parent Engagement Policy Development; and KPCC Sacramento reporter Tamara Keith.

Ken Bernstein

Los Angeles has created a new office to keep track of its historic buildings. Ken Bernstein officially began his tenure as the first ever manager of office of historic resources for the Los Angeles city planning department. The former Director of Preservation Issues at the Los Angeles Conservancy has enjoyed a career in historic preservation, but what will be the focus of this new department? He speaks with Patt about the importance of historic preservation in a city that hasn't much cared about the past until it's been knocked down and paved over.

Summer Camps for Inner - City Kids

Today is the first day of summer. For many kids this means summer fun at camps across Southern California. But with the price of summer camps on the rise, what options are there for inner-city youth? Patt speaks with Mary Setterholm, director of LA Surf Bus, a program that takes kids from the most troubled parts of the city to the beach and teaches them to surf, and Robyn Smith, Camping Supervisor for the City of Los Angeles.
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