Patt Morrison for March 22, 2007

A "Current" Affair

LA Times Editorial Page Editor Andres Martinez left the newspaper this morning when publisher David Hiller decided not to proceed with this Sunday's Current section. Why? Apparently Martinez was having an affair with Hollywood film producer Brian Grazer's publicist. Grazer, meanwhile, was tapped as a "guest editor" of this week's Current. Martinez denies any conflict of interest, but Hiller said appearances required canning the segment. * David Hiller, Publisher, Los Angeles Times * David Folkenflik, Correspondent, Media and Arts Information Unit, NPR * Kelly McBride, Ethics Group Leader for the Poynter Institute

Forget the Foie Gras

Wolfgang Puck today announced that his restaurants will no longer serve inhumanely-treated animals. That means no more foie gras, made from the fatty liver of an overfed duck or goose, for Spago diners, but they can now choose between free-range chicken or veal. Puck joins Patt to discuss a move that he says will only make his food taste better. * Wolfgang Puck, Celebrity Chef and Restauranteur

This American Life Hits the Small Screen

This American Life's host Ira Glass, who has been broadcasting over NPR's radio waves for more than a decade, will start broadcasting the show over television's microwaves tonight. We speak with him about making a television show that portrays the same type of characters and stories as the radio show, but is more than just transposing the radio show onto a television screen. * Ira Glass, Host and Producer, This American Life
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