Patt Morrison for February 11, 2008

Dragons on the Prowl in the U.S.

This morning FBI agents arrested a former engineer at Rockwell and Boeing in Orange County for allegedly stealing defense industry trade secrets and passing them onto the Chinese government. The case is part of a wider hunt for Chinese spies that began many years ago and has resulted in numerous arrests but only a spotty conviction record. China's aggressive espionage activities in the U.S. have been characterized as "so extensive that they comprise the single greatest risk to the security of American technologies." With an increasingly confident foreign policy and rapidly growing military, the likelihood of future conflict with China seems to be very real. But does the government occasionally over-hype these Chinese spy cases - is the Chinese Dragon not quite as menacing as it may seem? * Ivy Wang, Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting the Chung espionage case. * Gordon G. Chang, blogger on, the website for commentary magazine. He writes widely on China and North Korea and is the author most recently of "Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World" (Random House)

Congressman Tom Lantos Dies

Congressman Tom Lantos (D-San Mateo) died this morning at age 80. Lantos served 14 terms for California's 12th district and was the only Holocaust survivor ever to be elected to Congress. Despite his age, it was not until he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in late December that he announced he would not run again. Throughout his career he was an active member of the House, serving as the Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Lantos is remembered for his devotion to issues of human rights, civil liberties and social justice.

The Healthy Skeptic Digs Deep Into Our Products

With so many gizmos and gadgets out there, how does anyone know what actually works? Columnist Chris Woolston looks into the science behind consumer health products. He examines everything from anti-smoking magnets to antibacterial soaps, and tells you what works and what you can leave at the store. Patt Morrison talks to Woolston about the supposed libido-enhancer ArginMax and other surprising new finds. * Chris Woolston, writer of The Healthy Skeptic column for the Los Angeles Times

Strike Countdown: Two Down, One to Go

The Directors Guild of America (DGA) moved towards ratification of agreements late last month, and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) is expected to OK a new deal, perhaps by tomorrow. That leaves only the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) left to negotiate their contract, which expires in June. While maintaining solidarity with the writers, SAG has acted coyly when discussing a potential strike of its own. Do the imminent agreements for DGA and WGA signify smooth negotiations in June? More to come... * Carl DiOrio, Labor Editor for the Hollywood Reporter

Rent Control at Risk

Los Angeles has 626,600 rent-controlled units, but a plan to change all that will appear on the June ballot. The California Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act (Prop 98) deals primarily with eminent domain issues, but a provision would phase out rent-control for the state, impacting some 1.2 million renters. Patt talks with advocates and detractors of the proposal and asks KPCC's renters and landlords what they think. * Michael Shaw, Legislative Director for the California office of the National Federation of Independent Business * Tom Adams, Board President of the California League of Conservation

News at Ten: 60 Years with Stan Chambers

In the spotlight one day and gone the next. That's today's television for you. Whether we're talking about popular TV shows or TV personalities, longevity in this business is not a word used in describing either. But with everything, there's always an exception to the rule and in the broadcasting business, KTLA's newsman Stan Chambers is that exception. Co-written with Lynn Price, KTLA's "News at Ten: 60 Years with Stan Chambers" (Behler Publications) covers the history of television news and remembers Chambers' long lasting career that began in 1947, the only newscaster to be working at the same television station for sixty years. He joins Patt to talk about fast-changing world of news. * Stan Chambers, newsman and writer of "News at 10: 60 Years with Stan Chambers" Tonight at 7 p.m., Stan Chambers will be giving a talk and signing books at the Burbank Public Library, Buena Vista Branch, 300 N. Buena Vista St.
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