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Big Man on Campus

Following a massive payroll debacle, LAUSD faces another fiasco: after being investigated for statutory rape, an assistant principle was transferred to a middle school in Watts where he was recently accused of molesting a student. Additionally, efforts to institute college-prep courses have proven ineffective. To top it all off, a recent report surveying graduation rates in major U.S. cities cited a 45.3% rate for Los Angeles Unified, 42nd on a list of 50. How is LAUSD expected to resolve these issues while facing a $4.8 billion dollar budget cut? Superintendent David Brewer speaks on these issues and how the district might procure funding in the future.

* David Brewer, Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District
* Ramon Cortines, Deputy Mayor for Education under Mayor Villaraigosa. Starting Monday, Cortines will return to LAUSD as senior deputy superintendent