Patt Morrison for Jun 26, 2009

Tribute to the King of Pop

The King of Pop, as remembered by a young woman growing up in Saudi Arabia, a local tribute band, those who worked with him – including Peter Sagal, radio great Rick Dees, and the OTHER Michael Jackson.

Calling a Spade a Spade: Use of the Word "Torture"

"Harsh interrogations," "abusive techniques," "so-called torture" - which is it and why does it matter who says it? Salon's Glenn Greenwald criticized NPR in his blog post this week for not using the word "torture" to characterize the treatment of detainees in U.S. Custody. NPR says journalists are in a no-win situation when it comes to the T-word. Is it thoughtful or gutless? We hear reasoning from NPR's ombudsman as well as some analysis from linguist Geoffrey Nunberg on the gravity of words. When DO they matter?

Update on Iran

With reports that Mousavi's web site has been hacked and its content removed, as well as rumors that western journalists are being ejected from the country, we check in with a recently returned journalist for an update on the situation in Iran.
In the red corner wearing her trademark hat and representing the state of California is the undefeated champ, Patt Morrison. In the blue corner it’s the kid from the east, Brian Lehrer, host of the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC. The outcome of this historic fight will determine which state legislature is more dysfunctional – California or New York. Let the games begin.
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