Patt Morrison for September 2, 2009

Big Pharma Puts Big Bets On Cancer Drugs

For years, leading pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer concentrated their research in the areas of chronic diseases like hypertension. But now with recent advances showing the potential for new anti-cancer drugs, these companies are investing millions of dollars in research and development; Pfizer has around 1,000 researchers working in a facility near San Diego on new cancer treatments. These drugs carry some very high price tags, and their ability to extend life may be quite limited; is this the best way to invest healthcare dollars?


Dr. Mace Rothenberg, Director of Clinical Development in Oncology at Pfizer

William Comanor, Professor of Health Services and Professor of Economics at UC Santa Barbara; also Director of the Research Program on Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy at UCLA

Felicia Cohn, Director of Medical Ethics at UC Irvine

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