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One Year after Chatsworth Metrolink Crash: Reform Struggles

by Patt Morrison

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Chatsworth, CA 9-13-8 David McNew/Getty Images

25 people died and 135 were injured a year ago tomorrow when a Metrolink train collided head-on with a Union Pacific freight train. A year later, Metrolink plans to install a $200 million collision avoidance network, around-the-clock video surveillance, and directly control the hiring of its conductors. But money is tight, crashes persist, and labor is pushing back hard on video surveillance. What changes are realistic and necessary?


Frank Stolze, KPCC reporter who covered the Chatsworth crash last year

Richard Katz, vice chairman, Metrolink

Kitty Higgins, former National Transportation and Safety Board member who oversaw the public hearing following the Chatsworth crash; she’s currently president of the Higgins Company, a government relations consulting firm

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