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Relighting the MATCH Act

firefighters control a fire burning behind house in glendale
firefighters control a fire burning behind house in glendale
Mark Ralston

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The tragic devastation caused by the Station Fire has fueled Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack and Congressman Adam Schiff to step up their appeals to the Senate to pass H.R. 1759 – Managing Arson Through Criminal History (The MATCH Act). The legislation, similar to Megan’s Law, would establish a nationwide registry of convicted arsonists for law enforcement to better prevent repeat offenders. It passed easily in the house in 2007, died in the Senate and was reintroduced this year. Patt speaks with Congressman Schiff, who has visited fire-ravaged areas and seen the damage for himself.


Congressman Adam Schiff, (D-29)

Rick Price, co-chair of the training committee for the California Conference of Arson Investigators. He is a retired arson investigator for the City of L.A.'s Fire Department