Patt Morrison for October 30, 2009

Mercer 5846
The L.A. City Council is on the verge of approving a new contract the with union representing LAPD officers that should save the city some $72 million in the next fiscal year by dramatically cutting overtime costs. The concern is that by cutting overtime hours the effect will be reduced patrol coverage and response time by the LAPD. How will the city continue to walk the fine line of slashing the budget without cutting into vital city services?
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California Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman kept everyone guessing about her plans when she resigned her leadership position at eBay. Now, according to the latest Field Poll, she's in a near dead-heat with Tom Campbell for the nomination; candidate Steve Poizner is trailing them both at more than 10 points behind. How will this highly successful businesswoman handle the big issues facing our state and the inevitable politics that accompanies them?
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Politicians behaving badly

Taping of conversations with journalists is not the only breach of political ethics in the news; a leaked confidential committee memo revealed internal investigations into the conduct of over two dozen House members. Are political ethics violations on the rise?
Mercer 5845
Writer/director Jerry Zucker, of "Airplane!" and "Ghost" fame, realized that Hollywood could benefit from a dose of scientific reality in films and TV. To this end, he and the National Academy of Sciences president got together and formed the Science and Entertainment Exchange. With offices in L.A., scientists and engineers can now sit down with entertainment industry professionals and help them flesh out ideas with accurate details relating to insects, extraterrestrials, robots, nanotechnology, disease, global change - you name it. As if those zombies aren't scary enough already!
Mercer 5841

Investigating the paranormal

When there is something strange in the neighborhood – who you gonna call? No, really, who should you call? The public’s fascination with ghosts is as alive today as it was in the days of the Headless Horseman and the technology that allows people to track such paranormal activity continues to advance. We discuss the science and the séance of ghost hunting with local experts.
Mercer 5843
From the Cyclops to the Cyborg, monsters have morphed and evolved throughout history – but why? Do we create monsters because we love to be terrified or are these creations a reflection of how we handle uncertainty, ambiguity and insecurity?
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