Patt Morrison for November 3, 2009

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Beck to fill Bratton’s LAPD Chief shoes

After hours of interviews with the final three candidates, Mayor Villaraigosa today named Deputy Chief Charlie Beck his pick to replace LAPD Chief Bill Bratton. The 32-year LAPD veteran, sandwiched between two generations of LAPD service—his father and two children, Beck oversaw reforms of the department's Rampart division in the wake of its corruption scandal and was a popular choice for the city’s civil rights groups. Patt gets reactions from civic leaders and the community—what do you want to see in your next police chief?
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Maine’s main man answers question 1

Is Maine picking up where California left off over same-sex marriage? Today the citizens of Maine are voting on whether or not to repeal the state’s new same-sex marriage law. If upheld, it would be the first victory at the ballot box in the battle for same-sex marriage rights. Patt talks to Governor of Maine, John Baldacci about his state’s version of Prop 8.
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There are 500 million reasons for California to race toward some fairly sweeping education reforms, and ready-or-not the state legislature is ready to pull the trigger. The special legislative session to change California’s education system, to make the state eligible for $500 million in federal stimulus dollars aimed at education program, starts this week and possible reforms include open school district enrollment, performance pay for teachers and easier creation of charter schools. Is this the right way to go about reform?
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Some Democrats and Republicans have expressed reservations about the sweeping climate change legislation being considered in the Senate. Hearings on the bill, aimed at limiting green house gas emissions, were held last week by California Senator Barbara Boxer, chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee, with Senator John Kerry, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, NRG Energy's CEO David Crane, and Senator John Warner testifying, among many others. Senators Boxer and Warner join Patt on the scope of the bill and its role in national security.
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“In the President’s Secret Service”

Threats against President Obama are 400 percent higher than for his predecessors—and the secret service may not have the money to handle them all. Author Ron Kessler takes us behind the scenes and tells some of the secrets about the presidential protection force.
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