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Playing “The Card Game”

Playing “The Card Game”
Playing “The Card Game”
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Credit card companies have never been favorites in the eyes of the American public, but since the collapse of the economy and with it the consumer credit market the abusive and predatory practices of those companies have been in the crosshairs of lawmakers and an angry public. Frontline looks into the effort to corral credit card companies, especially in light of recent Congressional action that was meant to regulate insanely high interest rates; and that same legislation might have set off a host of new profit-making measures. Patt talks to Frontline and the major players in the war over control of your wallet.


Lowell Bergman, FRONTLINE correspondent, “Card Game”

Nessa Feddis, Vice President and Senior Counsel for the American Bankers Association

Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), author of the credit card reform bill signed earlier this year by President Obama; chair of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee