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Pouring cold water on California’s thinking about water policy

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A new report out from the Public Policy Institute of California is busting state water myths, left and right. Coming on the heels of Department of Water and Power data last week that shows Angelinos at an 18 year low in individual water consumption, the PPIC’s “California Water Myths” study says the state isn’t actually running out of water; it’s already run out of abundant water, and building dams and using less water won’t solve the problem. The most damning (get it?) part of the study says that there is no way to make every interested party in the water debate happy. So how can we get to a realistic compromise on California’s water policy?


Ellen Hanak, director of Research and Senior Fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California and an author on their recent study, “California Water Myths”

Juliet Christian-Smith, senior research associate at the Pacific Institute; Water Sub-group leader for the Climate Adaptation Advisory Panel to the State of California