Patt Morrison for December 21, 2009

Earthquakes...soon to be coming via Twitter? LA quake alarms get upgrade

Mercer 6236


Aftermath of an earthquake

5 seconds. That’s how much time a regional upgrade of earthquake alerts would buy seismologists and eventually the public to prepare for a coming tremor, hopefully allowing just enough time to shut off gas and water lines and to stop subway operations. Scientists at Caltech and the U.S. Geological Survey met at the American Geophysical Union last week to lay out plans for an upgrade to Southern California’s seismic monitors. Patt checks in with one local researcher just back from the meeting to learn about plans for the new alerts system, which may soon warn people of coming earthquakes via texts to their cell phone.


Egill Hauksson (Ale Hockson), Senior Research Associate in Geophysics, Geology and Planetary Sciences at Caltech; Mr. Hauksson attended last week’s meeting in San Francisco of the American Geophysical Union

Dr. Lucy Jones, Chief Scientist for the Multi-Hazards Project, U.S. Geological Survey

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