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Next chapter in the Prop. 8 fight begins: same sex marriage goes to court

by Patt Morrison

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Next chapter in the Prop. 8 fight begins: same sex marriage goes to court Getty Images

When the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8 last year it seemed to be a definitive ruling in the very contentious same-sex marriage fight: the voters of California, who supported the measure that would ban gay couples from marrying, were affirmed by the Court. But in reality the fight would always continue and on Monday the next chapter in the Prop. 8 battle begins: a federal trial that will rule on the constitutionality of outlawing gay marriage. What parts of the U.S. constitution either defend or deny marriage rights to a certain segment of the population?


Shannon Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights; NCLR fought against Prop. 8 in state court last year & has filed an amicus brief in the federal case

Andrew Pugno, co-counsel to Kenneth Starr, who presented the arguments in June that Proposition 8 was the will of the people and should be upheld; he was general counsel for The Yes on 8 campaign

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