Patt Morrison for February 8, 2010

Lee Daniels, on why this Oscar season is looking especially Precious

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Lee Daniels

Out of the ten movies up for the best picture Oscar, there is one that seems to have left the most meaningful impact on audiences—"Precious," the film adaptation of the novel Push by Sapphire, deals head-on with the immensely uncomfortable subjects of incest, abuse and poverty. Director Lee Daniels has earned a Best Director nomination for his work on "Precious" but this isn’t his first dance with the Oscars—he was the first African-American sole producer of an Academy Award-winning film for producing "Monster’s Ball," yet another envelope-pushing movie. Lee Daniels joins Patt for our first in a series of conversations with Oscar nominees.


Lee Daniels, director of “Precious” and Academy Award nominee for Best Director

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