Patt Morrison for February 17, 2010

Mercer 6695

LAUSD pursues parcel tax

Voters in Los Angeles in June will be asked to approve a temporary $100-per-parcel annual tax to help fund city schools. Even though it won’t be enough to fend off bigger class sizes or save teachers heading towards layoffs, it would be enough to hopefully fend off some cutbacks for the upcoming school year. Patt talks to the Superintendent about the new tax and what is actually needed to get the LAUSD School’s budget a passing grade.
Mercer 6691

Obama reignites America’s nuclear program

President Obama has given the green light, and 8.3 billion in loan guarantees, to construct two nuclear reactors in Georgia. If the deal goes through, it will be the first nuclear reactor built on US soil since the 1970s. The President says the push for nuclear energy is part of his plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs (the construction phase is expected to create thousands of jobs). Republicans and industry leaders support the President’s pro nuclear stance but not everyone is supportive. Some environmentalists want stronger safety measures in place and others claim taxpayers will be left holding the bag if the $14 billion dollar project goes boom.
Mercer 6692
In a move sure to escalate tensions with China, President Obama is scheduled to meet this Thursday with the Dalai Lama, who China still accuses of pushing for Tibetan independence and considers a threat to Chinese sovereignty. The Tibetan spiritual leader’s chief envoy says the two leaders aren’t likely to make a public appearance together during the White House visit, but the meeting still risks jeopardizing China’s support in settling North Korean and Iranian nuclear standoffs, as well as the country’s cooperation on future economic, military and environmental issues. How far can China be pushed and is it worth it?
Mercer 6693

Recovery Act, Year 1

February 17th is already the one year anniversary of President Obama’s stimulus act; where has all the time (and money) gone? In the last year the unemployment rate has gone up, with the number of jobless American’s increasing from 12 million to 15 million, but the White House is assuring us that we are on the “Road to Recovery”. So, is the stimulus working? With such a lot of cash divvied up among numerous agencies, keeping track of all the stimulus money is a job in itself. Patt talks to a brave number-cruncher who has been keeping track of all the money since the giveaway began one-year ago.
Mercer 6694

The Bargain Junkie

Who doesn’t love a bargain? But even in today’s fluctuating economy people still want to live a privileged life, even if their bank accounts aren’t as privileged as their “druthers.” Have no fear; Annie Korzen has the plan for you. The self-described “thriftaholic” is spreading her epiphany, promising that even though you’re on a budget, you don’t have to abandon your expensive tastes. Patt finds out the secret to living like a queen on a pauper’s budget.
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