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Cyclists in the City: The 2-wheeled army demands its rights!

by Patt Morrison

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Cyclists in the City: The 2-wheeled army demands its rights! Getty Images

Unlike San Francisco, Los Angeles does not have a strong reputation for being bicycle friendly. The car capital of the world has done very little to accommodate growing legions of cyclists on the road, the end result being daily tension between motorists, frustrated bicyclists and scrambling city leaders. But there are changes on the horizon, starting with the L.A. city bicycle master plan that has undergone months of public input and is being retooling after a less-than-enthusiastic initial reception. In Pasadena, their city master plan goes as far as proposing the elimination of lanes of traffic for construction of diversion barriers for the protection of cyclists. How far should SoCal cities go to make life easier for cyclists, and can bicycles and cars ever peacefully coexist?


Michelle Mowery, Sr. Project Coordinator, bicycle planning and programming, LA DOT

Claire Bowin, AICP, LEED AP, Los Angeles Department of Planning

Alex Thompson, is on the steering committee of the LA Bike Working Group

Aurisha Smolarski, campaign and communications director for LA County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC)

Ed Reyes, Los Angeles City Councilman for the 1st District

Doug Failing, executive director of highway programs & interim chief planning officer at LA Metro

Rich Dilluvio, transportation planner, Pasadena Department of Transportation

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