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America: The Owner’s Manual

America the Owner's manual
America the Owner's manual
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Why would you teach someone to swim by having them read a book on swimming? So then why is it ok to teach students politics by reading in a classroom? Politics is not a spectator sport. The former Senator from Florida Bob Graham believes that there is no substitution for real world experience, especially in politics. He believes that students should expand on their classroom learning about the political system: he encourages them to hit the court and actually play the game. If students work on an issue they care about, politics will become a meaningful and positive experience. This short, how-to guide takes students out of theoretical discussions of policy and into a world where they can affect change. That sounds like a politically correct theory. That’s an idea that’s not off the deep end.


Bob Graham, former Governor and U.S. Senator from Florida; founder of the Bob Graham Center for Public Service at the University of Florida; and author of “America: The Owner’s Manual”